Friday, June 7, 2013

Week 3! 

Oi familia e amigos! Tudo bem? Tudo bem!

Thank you soooo much for the package yesterday! It was such a nice surprise!
Oh my goodness 3 1/2 weeks have already passed in the MTC! I can't believe it is already p-day again, we actually have a joke that it is perpetually Wednesday here in the MTC... everyday is Wednesday. But this week was good! It went by so fast, we are going to be in Africa in just over 2 weeks!
So this week: on Sunday we had a devotional with Ted Gibbons? He told us the story of Williard Richards (from his perspective .. like first person) & his close associations with the Prophet Joseph Smith. It was a really unique devotional and was really good. Then on Sunday nights they show movies & this week we watched Legacy. It is a kind of cheesy movie about the early saints but it was funny.
On Monday I saw my good friend Jessica Kudlacek who was my visiting teaching companion in my freshman ward! It was so fun to see her! She is going to Alabama, English speaking so she won't be here much longer.
The sisters in my district joke that 'Sister Turner knows everyone!' But I really don't. I just have a lot of friends here and I remember people well. However, it was rather funny on Tuesday when I figured out that we are related to one of the couples in the MTC presidency! For Tuesdays devotional Sister Willey & I sat on the stand because I was giving the closing prayer (which went well I think, I didn't say anything in Portuguese!). After the devotional I asked Sis. Roach if her & her husband were related to a Grandma Olsen who's maiden name was Roach and lived to be 103, she said Ruth? who was from Spanish Fork? Yes that's her!! Haha turns out Grandma Olsen was an Aunt of her husband's Richard Roach! I talked to him & said my Mom grew up (practically raised) with Grandma Olsen & he said he lived somewhat near by there too. Small world huh?! Also that devotional was really interesting. Tad R. Callister of the Seventy came & talked about how the church that Jesus established in the New Testament is like a blue print & how modern day church matches it. He shared tons of scriptures solely from the New Testament that show that we follow the same pattern of organization, doctrines, & ordinances (even baby blessings!) that Jesus established while on the Earth. It was really neat especially because one of our "investigators" really believes the Bible but not the Book of Mormon so it was great to see how much our church is the same to what is in the Bible.
Speaking of teaching, we are teaching lessons everyday in Portuguese to our two "investigators". It is crazy to think we have only been here 3 weeks and can communicate in Portuguese! The MTC is a really neat place because we are set apart as missionaries, & live on set apart dedicated ground & are given this time to be instructed by the Lord's servants before we go out into the field & back into the world.
Speaking of going out into the world- there is going to be some devotional or something at the Marriott center in a few weeks that we get to go to! .. Kind of. There will be an MTC choir there, so we are going to join. :) I forgot to tell you we sang in the choir our first week here, and it was fun. Sis. Willey got to get her cello, so she will be playing in our branch sacrament these next two Sundays and hopefully at devotional sometime too! She loves being able to play & I enjoy getting to listen to some music! Plus she is amazing so it's really nice.
Oh yeah! Almost 950 missionaries came in this week! Just to the main campus not counting those who reported to the West Campus (Raintree/Yview). It was crazy on Wednesday!
Sister Biggs and I had a pull up contest... I only did one. She does a lovely job of telling everyone that I can do 14 pullups. This is a lie. Haha it has just become a joke because I tell everyone she can curl 50 lbs. During district gym time we usually play volleyball, which I love! haha except at the beginning I forgot that I wasn't wearing knee pads and kept trying to dive... so I burned my knees! Then being so smart like two days later I dived again and ripped the scabs off! haha I felt so dumb but it was pretty funny. Sometimes when we can't play volleyball we will do temporary companion exchanges. Sis. Willey and Sis. Nelson will go and ride bikes in the weight room, and Sis. Biggs and I go running outside around the MTC & then lift some weights! I love exercise time it is great for getting energy out!
Haha I almost forgot something important- I got a calling! I am the new Sister Training Leader for Branch 54! It is kind of like being a girl zone leader except I am over the sisters in our branch and not the elders. I will be the STL for the next 3 weeks that I am here! Technically I start tonight or tomorrow because Sis. Moser who is it now doesn't leave until Saturday at 4:30 am but I am excited for this extra opportunity to serve and really excited to get to know all the sisters in our branch! :)
Wow this was really long, I think I am typing faster today! Well that is all for today, I would love to hear how everyone is doing! I love you all so so so much and pray for you like I know you are for me!
*mom* - I am writing you a letter today so watch for it! Love you!

Com amor, Sister Turner

Me being blind with Sister Biggs glasses on!
Sis. Biggs & I. Please note the sweet drawing
of Joseph Smith on the chalk board. Sis. Nelsoth (Nelson)
is an illustration major at BYU & is amazing! Haha she
 loves to say 'o geresao iniqua!' which roughly translate to
"o ye wicked generation!" haha she cracks me up.
Sisters going to CV  
Elders & Sisters going to CV
Soo much praying in the MTC!
JK!!!  JK!!!
It was from Volleyball!

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