Saturday, June 15, 2013

Week 4 or 5 maybe?

Oi! Oi! Oi!

First things first- that package was so great!! Thank you sooo much!! Hahaha I was dying at the stuff in there! Especially the kitty mask and the string we were having so much fun! I showed the other district and Sis Bradford asked me if my mom was as funny as me and said no she is way funnier!! Seriously though thank you so much for sending the stuff I needed, and the treats and that cool hydration towel, all of it was so great!! :)
So this week FLEW by like all the others! We only have one more full week after this one. We only have 10 more days here and get our travel plans in a couple days! On Tuesday ... or Thursday? Eu nao sei. (I don't know) Either way it is crazy to think we will be in Africa in like 11 or 12 days!!
Sunday was so busy because I had meetings and training but it was good! We were well represented in sacrament meeting with Sister Biggs giving an awesome talk (in Portuguese!) and Sister Willey played "How great the wisdom and the love" in sacrament with her cello and it was amazing. She auditioned yesterday and will hopefully be playing at the MTC devotional next week, so we'll see! The MTC is buying a cello for the West Campus missionaries to use and President Nally's wife, Sister Nally ,asked Sister Willey to try out the cellos they were looking so they can know which one is best. The last couple days we have been spending some time in Sister Nally's office so that is fun and I do enjoy listening to Sister Willey play.
On Tuesday we had our devotional at the Marriot Center so that was cool. We saw all the news stations filming us walking so maybe you saw me in the massive line of people! The speaker was Mervyn B. Arnold of the Seventy. He gave a talk in conference a couple years ago "You stupid cow"? I don't know if you remember it but it was really good and his wife actually retold us that story from her youth so that was neat. He taught us about how in this life we can serve God with no regrets. The keys to serving in any capacity whether it be a missionary, a parent, a general authority were 1. Understand who you are, 2. You have been given gifts and talents (D&C 46) 3. Understand the sacredness of your call whatever it may be, 4. Understand and observe the law of obedience, 5. Understand your purpose. It was a great talk and it is always so special to get the hear powerful testimonies of these men who are witnesses of Jesus Christ.
On Wednesday us sisters did a ALL PORTUGUESE DAY. It was hard! But also really good. We wore little signs that said "Eu nao falo ingles" which just means I don't speak English. I made these cute little signs and Sister Biggs manage to destroy 3 of them in one 12 hour period! Haha I eventually stopped making new ones. Yeah all day it was Portuguese with just a couple little breaks. What was really good was that by the end of the day I was thinking in Portuguese! Not thinking in English and then translating, but thinking in Portuguese. It was weird. My brain was exhausted. Really it is amazing to think about how much we have learned in such a short period of time. We have great teachers (the Spirit, Bro. Pinho, Sis. Ricks) and are really blessed.
Haha yesterday in gym I managed to get hit in the face with the volleyball Twice in the same play. Needless to say it was pretty funny. Other funny things this week I manage to hit Sister Nelson in the head with a mini dictionary. (It was hilarious.) As she puts I spent the rest of the day groveling for her forgiveness. We were talking about things that distract us and Sis. Willey said "you know how you sisters like me to whistle in my head?" and I said What?? you can whistle in your head! Haha oh gravy. Sis. Nelson spilled her water at lunch and dinner the other day, our "sister sloth" was not so graceful as usual this week! Also she is doing something silly in our temple picture! I love going up to the temple it is always so pretty I had to send a picture! Our elders in our district think they are going to die in Mozambique. They have to take malaria pills everyday with they get out there! Whenever there are treats in our class Elder Houston our district leader says "Ooo piece of candy!" haha I think Kade says that?! After accidentally calling me "Sis. Webb" when we were teaching Bro. Pinho now, as a joke, he will sometimes call me Sis. Webb and Sis. Webb told me the other day he called her Sis. Turner. haha it is especially funny since we knew each other before! Oh man and I can't forget when Sis. Nelsloth uses her gangster talk from Ephraim, Utah and says things like "we be reading our scriptures yo". haha these girls are crazy, we have fun!
Next week will be cool because on Wednesday our district gets to be hosts and pick up new missionaries! Also on Sunday the 23rd is that big meeting at the Marriott center which is going to be amazing. How is everyone doing?? How is the shop and has Kenz talked to you about wedding flowers? She wrote me and said she is engaged! Is Tim-Tim liking the gardens and mowing the lawn? ;) What about Kade and his new job? I wrote him back but didn't get a letter yet! Did Dad love the new Star Trek? Yesterday we could smell smoke really bad outside and could tell there was a fire. I hope it wasn't bad and everyone is okay. I'm out of email time today but I love you sooo much, and I am so grateful for all the prayers I know God is answering them and I am being helped and strengthened. Like I said, Eu amo voces!! I love you all!!

-Sis. Turner
p.s. Mom THANK YOU SO MUCH for doing the blog, it will be so nice to have that when I get back! The other Sisters mom's are looking at the blog and think it is awesome! I LOVE YOU!!

All Portuguese Day
Sis. Biggs and I 
Sis. Nelson doing something silly in our temple picture! 
P day at the Temple !
Me & Sis. Willey on p day at the Temple
Silly Cat playing with string!!! BAAAHAHAHA!!!

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